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Content is King! With suitable content strategies, we make you visible as an expert in your niche.


Agency Del Mundo is a worldwide social media agency.

Audience ownership is the key to being successful in standing out from the competition. We support companies in digitization and show them the possibilities in their industry. Social Media It’s a great way to be visible and if you want to be perceived as an expert, then there is no getting around it.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, just to name a few. This is where your potential customers will be looking for you.
And if you are not visible there, you will not be perceived as an expert in your industry.
Content is king, and free value content is the base to audience ownership.
With other words you build trust and in the long term you will find more clients.

Your benefit

Nowadays it is hard to imagine a life without social media, and those who are not visible on Social Media are always one step ahead of their competition, if not two steps. As an entrepreneur, you are an expert in your industry and this is exactly what you should focus on 100%.


We are experts in social media and we ensure,  that you are visible as an expert in your niche. Social Media offers you the opportunity to provide your audience with a lot of value content, which will demonstrably increase your reach, from which you will find new customers for your service in the long term.

Value Content

We create individual content in images and text for your audience that reflects your brand

Expert Status

Your prospects will communicate with you on a completely different level

Audience Ownership

We ensure that you reach out more people, so that you sell more products long term

Explainer Videos

The times from boring websites with too much text informations are over. Only 10% of the people remember the text they read. By contrast, video viewers can retain up to 95% of a video's message.
The consumers are drawn in to the story, that makes your marketing message more effective.

Did you know that the people have an attention span like a ...


Yes, even shorter than an goldfish…

With hundrets of thousands of online businesses competing to be noticed, it can be next to impossible to stand out in today’s overcrowded marketplace.


Animated Explainer Videos are the answer

It doesn’t matter who you talk to, whether it’s a doctor, an architect, a craftsman or a salesman.We believe that the best way to get a thing across is to explain it to someone like you would explain it to a little child.And what would be better to do this than with an animated explainer video?


No limits

When you decide to work with us


Our methods are proven

We are professionals in graphics, video and copywriting and that’s exactly what we use to completely relieve you of the work in social media. If necessary, we will create your Social Media accounts from scratch and you will always have full control over it.

This will give you:


Agency Del Mundo was founded in 2016 by 3D Designer Sebastian Kampfmann. We focused on the digitization and Social Media Account Management for small business owners, and with individual content solutions for any kind of business, we ensure that  you become visible as an expert.

It’s all about audience ownership, what sets you apart from the competition, and through our methods we will guide you in that direction.

Our Service is now available in 4 continents, and it’s also one of our tasks to help other companies from spanish speaking countries, when expanding into the german-speaking area with their social media presence.

Let's get startet

So that we can provide you the best offer that suits your company, that stands out from your competition and amazes your audience, we must first discuss this. Arrange a personal consultation with us via Whatsapp in advance so that we can adapt to you and your service, please contact us via our contact form,

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